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Obviously a Transformers fan with tendencies towards the Decepticons with the exception of Ratchet. I make jewelry, primarily chainmaille. Currently I know twenty-four different weaves and make a point of learning new ones as time permits. I also work with semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski crystal and glass I find interesting. I keep ferrets. my current business is at eight. I'm also an Anime fan, especially fond of Soul Eater and odd little things like Ushio and Tora, Escaflowne, and Last Exile.

The ink of scholars is worth more than the blood of martyrs.
Chained Lightning
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So how did all of your minions react to the forced gender change due to anon magic?

from Anonymous


"I need to be more careful about using my x-ray Gamma Vision in Snake Mountain now. There are things that cannot be unseen."

"Rrrrrr…on the bright side, the boss smells nicer now. On the downside, she keeps yelling at me to take more baths. I guess having a nose improves your sense of smell."

"…You know, I’m fairly certain she’s using one of my bras. I need to figure out which one so I can burn it afterward."


"Brrrrr…is anyone else worried about Trap Jaw? He’s been like that since he first saw Skeletor’s new body."

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That tongue. :P. 💕 #ferrets #ferretstagram
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its lady and the tramp spaghetti scene
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